Thursday, April 7, 2011

Doomed, Part 2

*A short post today, as I believe my house was hit on the inside by a tornado sometime this week. Oh, and I must dust. The dust bunnies are beginning to take actual bunny shape. I’m afraid by next week they’ll be opening their eyes!


Remember My Doomed Project?

Well, maybe it wasn’t so doomed after all. I planted tomato seeds in the 14 jars I had, and all but one jar have tomato seedlings reaching for the sky.

I think I have about 25 tomato plants in all.

Absolutely resilient, that’s what nature is.

And stubborn too.

And I finally bought a bag of decent potting soil, so I think I’ll add some today. They will probably all breathe a sigh of relief.

I guess when all hope is lost, reach for the Son.

And for some reason, this song keeps running through my head while thinking about the tomatoes. It’s one of those songs I belt out in the car whenever Mix 96 plays it. Plus, the video offers lots of views of nature, and some early 90s fashion ideas. Geesh, I remember those vests!!! Feel free to sing along, and HOLD ON!  Maybe your situation is not so doomed after all! 


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