Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Doomed Project

“He answered, ‘The one who sowed the good seed is the Son of Man.’” Matthew 13:37

Here’s what I’m doing today:

Now I don’t save glass jars from jelly or cheese dip, but apparently my neighbors do. And, since I’ve given them a couple of jars of homemade jelly, when they return my jelly jars, they give me any stash of glass jars they've accumulated.

“Just throw them away if you can’t use them,” she said.

Well now I feel bad about throwing away a gift, even if it might be considered trash in my house. Plus some of the jars had cute little handles.

So I broke out what was left of the worst bag of potting soil ever, and filled them up. I’m currently waiting for water to penetrate the soil to make some kind of a squishy concoction that would lend itself to accepting seeds. Every now and then I stir my little pots with a stick just to hurry along the process. I don’t think it is helping.

Premium ingredients... like sticks and rocks!  Ha!

Anyway, on my counter in front of my sink, I found these seed packets.

I do this every year. I buy seeds, stash them away, and forget to plant them. I think it is mental illness.  Or an underlying hoarding habit. 

So, guess who’s getting planted as part of my doomed project today? I will be planting last year’s seeds in the worst potting soil ever in jars destined for the trash.

I’ll let you know in a few weeks how it all pans out.


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