Thursday, March 24, 2011

Farm Day

“I believe in the future of farming, with a faith born not of words, but of deeds. Achievements won by present and past generations of agriculturists, in the promise of better days through better ways. Even as the better things we now enjoy have come to us from the struggles of former years.” - First paragraph of the FFA Creed as I remember it from memory (Ok, it isn’t spot on, but it has been many moons). I was Creed Speaker in 9th grade.

Today was “farm animal day” at kindergarten and several of the teachers had rallied the local FFA* kids to bring out their animals to let the kindergartners take a gander at them.

*That’s Future Farmers of America – Agriculture Education, for those of you who have never worn the blue and gold jacket. I myself was President of my chapter many moons ago.

Many moons. And I felt it today, hanging out with kids who are literally half my age.

Anyway, I was certain there would be a chicken shortage if I didn’t bring my representatives! It is my duty as a chicken mother of a kindergartener.

I borrowed the neighbor’s truck, loaded up the chickens, luckily put on an extra hooded sweatshirt and filed in right behind my younger cohorts and their parents.

For the record, I was the only one with a poofy haired rooster.

It was cold this morning! I brought three of my baby chicks, but was afraid to leave them out for fear they would get sick. My big chickens don’t really care, but the babies don’t have all their feathers just yet. So I stuck the two in the cat carrier back in the front of the truck and stuck one lucky contestant inside my jacket. I would take him out when the kids came by so they could pet him.  He was petted today approximately 225 times.  I'm thinking there will be a chicken nap this afternoon.   

All in all, nine kindergarten classes got to see all kinds of animals thanks to the FFA (who I hear got the rest of the day off of school) and a good time was had by all!

My neighbor in the line up, Napoleon.  He had some attitude.  Maybe he was living up to his name. 

My other neighbor was Bo Bob.  He is my new best friend.

Along with the work, smells, and poop that comes with owning farm animals, you also get, as an added bonus...

Cow slobbers!

Hmm.  I think I'll think of this the next time I have a hamburger.

And this either made the day or horrified several kindergarteners.

That right there kids is why mommy says "no" when you ask for a baby chick. 

At least it didn't happen inside my jacket!


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