Friday, March 18, 2011

Hairy Legs in Wintertime

Now I’m no scientist or meteorologist, but I’d have to say that this winter was a COLD and snowy one. No special tools needed, just my observations. One morning we woke up and had snow up past my knees and another morning, the TV said it was -28 degrees.

Cold and snowy. Yep, that’s what I thought.

Anyway, the weather has turned off very warm and spring-like and everything is greening up nicely. I’ve got little radishes and turnips sprouting. I wondered before if I was too early and now I’m hoping they make before it gets too hot. Which, by the way things are going, could be next week.

Or it might be snowing again.

Oklahoma – you never know.

I’ve already had to coop up Roany due to his chronic overeating habit now that the grass is greening up. He stands and stares at us by the fence like he wants us to do something with him, but then of course, he runs because he likes us to chase him before he gives in. He thinks I need the exercise. The dog helped me this time by barking and chasing after him. Brought a little variety to our scheme and was just enough to confuse Roany into giving up early.

I thought I’d brush him since I was sure he was shedding profusely after all the warm weather we’ve had.

And I was right.

His hair fell like snow to the ground and made a nice pony blanket for the cat to cuddle up in.

Today is Roany’s fifth anniversary of arriving at our house. The Lap of Luxury as he likes to think of it, after being in a rocky pen for several years before landing here. I’ve brushed him umpteen times after a winter and have never noticed THIS before…

I do believe this is the longest leg hair Roany has ever grown since I’ve known him.

I’m sure his legs were well insulated this winter.

And I’m glad I don’t have a winter predicting mechanism involving leg hair of my own!


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