Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy (Slightly Imperfect) Easter

“He is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!”

I wrote back in December about our imperfect Christmas Eve service at church and I just wanted to let you know that this may be a recurring theme for major church holidays.

First, we awaken to torrential downpours. Although we’ve needed the rain, on Easter it is a bit of a buzz kill. So into the refrigerator the colored eggs went to await their impending, although still uncertain, egg hunt date with the kids.

Second, after arriving at church and having a lovely fellowship breakfast, I noticed my kid’s brand new shirt had a hole in it! Holy clothes on Easter. Ha!

Third, I noticed at least three people taking tags off of clothes before the church service started. I also noticed one man in an obviously new sport coat that still had the stitching holding the back flap of the jacket closed. Two girls wore their prom dresses from the night before and were “slightly” overdressed.

Fourth, we were out of attendance cards in my pew. Not having evidence of my attendance throws the entire universe off kilter.

Fifth, we couldn’t find a bible in our pew, or the one behind us for that matter. I’m not above stealing from the pew behind me when my kid wants to look something up, but alas all my efforts were squashed.

So there we all were, with all of our shortcomings, before the cross on Easter. We may have all tried to look perfect, with our perfect families, and have the perfect holiday, but the truth of our sinful nature always seems to shine through. No matter how much effort we make to the contrary there is no denying our imperfect nature.

Thanks be to God for sending us a perfect Savior to save us from our imperfections!


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