Friday, April 1, 2011


“Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise.” Proverbs 19:20

Let me just start out by saying that today was awesome! I got up, got in gear, got half of the garage cleaned up, got my garage sale items out to the garage, and got them priced, all before noon. The hub came home for lunch and I was so pumped about the garage sale that I said, “Just stick the signs out on your way back to work, and I’ll just open up this afternoon.”

I didn’t really expect many people to show up. It was afternoon, after all. Most of the garage sales I have staged have started at the crack of dawn and were pretty much over by noon.

However, today was the first really nice day in a long time, and I guess the garage salers were out just itching to find a sale. Any sale.

My sale consists of mostly outgrown kid items.

I told them I’d split the money with them if they’d give up some of their junk.

Anyway, people were walking off with our items left and right, all afternoon long. I’ll bet I had 25 cars in only three hours. I think I probably sold half of what we had out there (there was more in the house, but I couldn’t get a break to bring it out!) today.

The entertaining part was talking to all the people. I had two people stop just to see if I wanted to sell Roany Pony. Garage sale… not pasture sale, people. Who buys a pony at a garage sale anyway? And they were driving a Ford Escort. Were they going to ride him home?

I had one lady who definitely resembled Elizabeth Taylor. Only with more turquoise and sterling silver.

I had one gentleman share with me his love of all things metaphysical and invite me to his nature shop an hour and a half away. Who drives an hour and a half for a garage sale? He also wanted to know what time I’d opened, since he’d already driven this way in the morning and didn’t see my signs out. Put him down on the list of potential suspects, just in case. Oh, and his dog was also named Lucky.

I had a lady with a friend with a drug addicted daughter who was raising her granddaughter, but whose grandson continued to stay with mother 99% of the time. Hmm.

One man came up just because he couldn’t figure out what one of the toys I had was from the street. He confessed that he didn’t have any children, so I offered him 75 ft. of Cat-5 cable for 25 cents, which he took. He said I was a good salesman!

This was probably some of the most fun I’ve had in months. I’m thinking about becoming a professional garage sale holder. I’m also thinking about changing my name to Lucy and getting a booth like this:

My services will also be available tomorrow from the crack of dawn until about noon.

I think you’ll find my prices reasonable and I’m sure you’ll find something you can’t live without!


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