Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Panic Mode

“‘The end has come! The end has come! It has roused itself against you. It has come!’” Ezekiel 7:6

One month…

One month is all I have.

Ok, technically one month and six days, but still…

The end of school is nearly here!

I haven’t gotten half of the stuff I’d planned on doing during the school year done. I have no hope of doing any of it in a one month’s timeframe.

So now, I’m in panic mode.

I’m trying to tie up loose ends and cram as much into these next 36 days as I can (give or take the weekends). There will be field trips to attend, projects to help with, final days of church activities as we know them.

I have to accept defeat on several items:

I will never get my quilt done (or even started for that matter).

I will not paint my bedroom.

I won’t be removing all my baseboards and caulking/insulating behind them.

It isn’t that I couldn’t do these things with the children home. It is just that when they are home, there will be better things to do like go swimming or go to the zoo or break up their fights or take a nap.

And summer comes not without its own set of high hopes.

I’m planning a big trip involving an airplane, me and the kids, and half-way across the country, one direction or another.

I’m planning on working on their handwriting because it really drives me nuts.

I’m planning on teaching them their multiplication tables.

I’m planning on taking them swimming and getting a sunburn.

I’m planning on having a good time.

But for now, I can’t enjoy my final month of the school year, because I feel the end is near. This is just initial panic, mind you, as I just called the school this morning to find out when the last day was.

Perhaps next year I’ll manage my time better.

Maybe I’ll get everything done that I want to accomplish.

Maybe I’ll finally have a spotless house and all the laundry caught up every single day and there will be no panic mode.

Nah!!! Where’s the fun in that??


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