Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Good Day to Fly?

My reputation is getting out.

I guess there are worse things to be thought of than the Butterfly Mom.

It is a common first grade project around here for the teacher to order caterpillars of Painted Lady butterflies (not sure why on the species. Maybe they are hardy?) and raise them through their stages into butterflies and then the kids let them go.

Well, there were a few non-takers of freedom this morning.

Maybe it was too cold.

Maybe they are too new and haven’t got their wings under them yet.

Maybe all they’ve known is captivity and the wind is throwing them off.

Maybe they just wanted to go home with me today.

One of my first grade teacher friends was ready for me to clean up her hatchery doo dad. I did it last year and I guess she’s gotten spoiled or something.

Raising butterflies is messy work. Or at least it is with Painted Ladies, it would seem.

They are pretty leaky after they hatch.

And they leak red which is probably my least favorite of all leaking colors.

Monarchs leak orange.

Just so you know.

Anyway, the teacher with the non-takers of flight sent them home with me too. So we’ve been oohing and aahing over the brand new butterflies today.

And taking lots of pictures.

And we’ll try to let them go this evening before the sun goes down.

Hope you’ve got your wings under you today and that the wind isn’t throwing you off. Oh, and minus the leakiness too!


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  1. I was wondering about that red stuff too. We hatched the same kind of butterfly at preschool this spring. What is that red stuff, anyway? Do you know? It's been a fascinating process to watch. Love this project!


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