Thursday, January 27, 2011



Lucky to have been found in a field after someone dumped him.

Lucky to have survived by himself in the cold.

Lucky to have been picked up by someone who tried to take care of him.

Lucky to have been taken to the animal shelter.

Lucky to have been cared for by a helper of the shelter.

Lucky we came to the library early that day.

Lucky the librarian is the founder of the animal shelter.

Lucky she asked us to “foster” this puppy.

Lucky he was so cute my kids fell in love with him the first day.

Lucky he didn’t cry all night.

Lucky I clean up after him.

Lucky he thinks I’m his Momma.

Lucky my husband has funny conversations with him.

Lucky he likes cats and chickens.

Lucky he’s growing like a weed.

Lucky we’ve had him a month.

Lucky it looks like he’s not leaving.

Lucky I like his stinky breath.

Lucky the kids named him Lucky.


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