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Homekeeper Journal 1/19/11

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In my homey kitchen …..

Nothing exciting happening today since we eat our dinner at church on Wednesday night and I didn’t even cook the meal this week since we are ordering pizza! However, since there is ice and snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow, I’ve already made my symbolic “winter weather” trek to the grocery store this morning and I bought milk, bread, and the ingredients for potato soup for tomorrow, just in case the snow pans out.

My thoughts on being at home ……

I’ve done a lot of living to only be as old as I am. I’ve had many jobs before this stay-at-home gig and I’m sure this won’t be my last. I’ve cooked. I’ve checked groceries. I’ve worked fast food. I was a secretary for a sign business. I was a federal bank examiner. I did IT/BSA/Compliance and special projects requiring lots and lots of research in a bank. And now… here I am, sometimes wondering what I’ll do today. Oh, and occasionally I’m a substitute teacher.

I’m pretty sure I won’t be jetting off to Vegas anytime soon, or seeing the space shuttle take off, or spending three weeks in Washington DC, all on the government’s dime like I did in my previous life. I also know there won’t be any debit or credit entries in my immediate future. Sometimes I think about working the noon shift at a fast food restaurant just for the fun of it, but then I remember the smell of the grease. I think sometimes about checking the groceries, but then I think about that incessant “boop!”

So, I guess I’ll stick with the substituting until the days run out and then maybe complete some projects at home that I’ve been too chicken to start. And eventually I’ll work myself out of a job with the children, once they are able to pay their own bills. But then what? I say this is probably my retirement and when I go back I’ll probably work until I’m 100. Oh well, so long as there’s some per diem and mileage involved, I can probably handle it.

A constant habit I have of making my home comfortable is ….

Keeping the heat turned up, even when we’re gone. I’m working on this, but 90% of the time when I return home, I forget that I’ve turned the thermostat down and run around the house thinking I’m getting sick because I’m freezing to death, and it never occurring to me to turn up the heat. Duh!

If I could change the decor of my home ….

I’d completely start over. I’d like stained concrete floors (heated, of course) with carpet only in the bedrooms and an open living/dining/kitchen area with commercial grade appliances, a vaulted ceiling with exposed beams and an overall “lodge” type style/décor. I’d really like to have a commercial kitchen to work in so that I might work on a little catering business on the side, without living in the shadows of the health department. Someday, someday.

What I want my children/spouse/other family to remember about my home is …

Food – good and plenty of it. And welcoming, regardless of whether the toys are always picked up or not. I want my house to be the hangout when the kids are older and I never want them to feel like they couldn’t have friends over because the house wasn’t clean or something. So, I’m teaching them to clean house too. Another part of my Master Plan of working myself out of a job someday.

Home …

Good, bad, old or new, a house is only a home if there is a family there. No amount of decorating or cleaning or remodeling can change or replace the family who lives there. And in the words of my 8YO, “It’s good to be a family!”

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