Thursday, April 22, 2010

Prostrate Check

Our hymn for today is #272 in the blue hymnal. “All hail the pow’r of Jesus’ name, let angels prostrate fall...”

Ok, I left out Kathey in yesterday’s blog about the wedding. She’s our church secretary and she made a most fitting second witness, as I later found out. She also took pictures, I’m hoping one of which will go with the dollar store bouquet and Princess Jasmine veil that have mysteriously disappeared from the church.

Kathey is our church secretary and has been witness to all sorts of events, I’m sure. Kathey and I have mutually attended several Women’s events at the church and I’ve learned a bit about her personality and life through these shared events and her keeping me company while I’m cooking on Tuesday afternoons.

I know that as a young girl she watched a boy riding a motorcycle through the window and reportedly said, “I’m going to marry that boy on the motorcycle.” And later she did! I know that she’s always willing to help, but when you ask her to stir your BBQ pork in the crockpot about 3 pm, she will say "no", but do it anyway because she doesn’t like a messy kitchen either. She likes to laugh and loves her family and is usually in good spirits – all-in-all a lovely church secretary!

The church where I grew up also had a lovely church secretary named Sherry. Sherry is still responsible for prayer requests, getting the bulletins and newsletters together, phone calls, messages, appointment making and such, and after being there all week long, still making it to church every Sunday, just like Kathey. I get Sherry’s Prayer Request emails a couple of times a week.

Have you ever gotten one of those emails with church bulletin mistakes that were funny. Something like: Sermon series – Fasting to cleanse your body. Fellowship meal to follow? Well, Sherry always made the typo in the bulletin about members having “prostrate” cancer. I had noticed it several times and was a teenager when I finally made the connection between her typo and the song at the beginning of this post. Needless to say, I was cracking up the rest of the church service. Since then, every time I hear that song, I think of Sherry. It’s OUR song, whether she knows it or not.

Anyway, both of these ladies have the thankless task of being the behind the scenes administrators of the church. They serve the church, its members, their Pastors, and ultimately the Lord with their steadfast faith and willingness. They issue letters about completing counseling sessions to allow young members to get their marriage licenses, and sometimes witness the outcome. They coordinate volunteers, events, scheduling, and the files and records of the church. The sometimes give us something to smile about during a particular long church service. What would we do without them?

Thanks to the Sherrys and Katheys out there who keep their congregations in line. Thanks for your generosity and dependability. And thanks for serving God, while at the same time putting up with… I mean… serving us!

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness.” Matthew 25:21


  1. How nice to thank them, I am sure they do not hear it often enough! I am really proud of the woman you have grown up to be. Your messages touch a lot of people and bring God into their lives in such an enjoyable way. Keep it up!

  2. I shared this with our new church secretary. She appreciated it even though she's still trying to learn all the systems and not make too many bulletin bloopers! Thanks!


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