Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Holy Moly!!

“O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder

Consider all the works thy hand hath made”

-How Great Thou Art, Hymn 519 in the Blue hymnal

Here on the DD Ranchette, we’re running a bit of a mole sanctuary. This time of year, the new tunnels are black and seem to spring up overnight. We must have hundreds of moles living around our house and out in the pasture, but we rarely see them alive because we have a deadly, mole-hating cat. However, yesterday…

Before I went to pick the kids up from school, I was doing my pre-mow yard inspection/cleanup. There, underneath the birdfeeder, was a fuzzy gray blob wiggling around. At first, I did my little one legged song and dance that I do whenever I encounter vermin or reptiles in the wild. Then I quickly realized I wouldn’t be eaten alive by a baby mole. I thought about killing it, even offered it to the cat, but thought better of it.

I picked it up, put it in a cat carrier and took it to first grade. You know it isn’t every year that the teacher has a Hick Mama’s kid in her class. “Thank goodness,” the teacher probably says!

The kids thought the mole was cool and the teacher Wikied moles and put the info and picture up on the Smart Board. I told them it was a WILD animal, and under no circumstances were they ever to touch WILD animals!! Baby mole just kept trying to dig a hole in my gloves. The danger was palpable.

A lot of people hate moles, or rodents of any kind for that matter, but I can appreciate them for their design and persistence, if nothing else. They literally travel hundreds of feet, digging innumerable tunnels for me to trip over or fall into, in their quest for the elusive grub worm. They have no eyes and no visible ears - I guess God thought they might get dirt in them! – but an incredible wiggly nose that moves almost like a finger sniffing for food. And you can’t overlook those front digger claws! There is no doubt that this animal was made especially to dig up my yard.

Just another fine example, no matter if you think it is gross or not, of God’s perfect creation. Perfect for the job for which it was created to do. And so are you! No matter what job man gives you, you’ll be able to do it, because that is how God made us. Perfect in His image! Perfect for His purpose!

So the next time you’re out cursing the moles in your yard, be thankful you don’t need specialized appendages for your job! Can you imagine the extra cost of the manicure??

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” Genesis 1:31


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