Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fishing Adventures

"As Jesus walked beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen."  Mark 1:16

We have a new fishing hole.  Actually it is quite a large pond on an acreage containing lots of cows that we have to climb the fence and walk quite a ways to get to, but we have permission.
No, really, we DO have permission.

It has been verified by an old man named Jack who thought we were poachers or something.  What would we be hunting?  Cows?  And all we had was a BB gun.  Not likely to be very successful in the poaching world. 
Anyway, after threatening to call the Wildlife Department on us, he verified with the owners who, sure enough, knew us and had given us permission to fish there.

After our interrogation ceased, we continued about our merry ways.  Here is a pictorial of our fishing fun spaced out over three or four days in the past couple of weeks.

This is what we're looking for.  Sunfish. 

The hub bought the boys a Red Ryder BB gun again motherly advice.  Apparently I'm the one who was supposed to obey. 

This was the first time my 7YO had gotten his hands on the gun. 

My husband found this in the woods and brought it to me.  Romantic, huh?  

I was lured to the far side of the pond where I saw some ducks.  Turns out they were plastic.  No wonder ducks fall for it! 

This one must have hit an iceberg.

The kids found a "make your own cow" puzzle.

And frogs.  I won't even tell you about our run-in with a cottonmouth or how my little one stepped on a garter snake.  And took 10 years off our lives!   

The hub borrowed this boat from the neighbor and we carried it all the way across the cow pasture.  I guess it was worth it from the looks on their faces. 

And finally on our last trek out, we caught a decent number of fish.  16 in about 30 minutes.  And some were actually visible with the naked eye.  Still can't figure out what this one is.  Is it a striper bass? 

Hope you're fishing for memories today and I hope you catch some big ones!    


  1. Pretty cute stuff. The only reason a city girl like me knows about those BB guns is that Christmas movie. It looks like your are 1000 miles from civilization. Did you eat those fish?

  2. We only catch and release. I cleaned enough fish in my youth that I now only partake of the "stick" variety.


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