Friday, June 18, 2010


Tonight, since it is late and I’ve been really bad at keeping up this week, I’m going to give you a short spill on friends. You need them. I need them. We can never have too many. Even those in the animal kingdom seem to know we need each other.

Roany Pony got in trouble tonight for rubbing his rope until it loosened itself, and breaking away from the post I had him tied to. Yes, I should have tied him better, but the farrier was coming and I thought he could be trusted. Roany used his freedom to dump over the bucket of sweet feed that I had sitting by a tree that was meant to be split between him and Scooter as their after-hoof-trimming treat, and ate all the food himself! So, after I caught him again, and determined the farrier would have to reschedule as it was almost time for supper, I tied Roany Pony up again and let Scooter eat in front of him. It was only fair, after all!

After he was finished eating, I was going to let Scooter back out into the pasture. Roany can’t go out there because he is a big pig and would eat himself to death if I give him the chance. Read all about his gluttony here: Groany Pony.  But Scooter, being the good horse friend that he is, wouldn’t leave his pony. Even after I untied Roany, they remained together.

So I left them to have their horse sleepover, and muttered something about them being worse than two kids!

Here are some more animal friends that I took pictures of at the zoo last week:

Flamingoes need friends...

Bats need friends....

Parrots need friends...

And otters need friends. 

Even Jesus needed friends.

Now get out there and make time for your friends this weekend!

It just might do you some good!

"A friend loves at all times..."  Proverbs 17:17


  1. Mickie, when I was in 4H I gave a speech titled " Is it true the only friend a person has is a dog". I was runner up in that division and felt it was a good message. I even used the bible verse stating and the greatest of these is LOVE. Love ya

  2. Ohh.........that really touched my heart. I love my friends and love animals and animal sweet. Connie


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